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Tuesday October 18th at 14.00 hours CET was the deadline for the submission of proposals in the second joint call of ERANID 'Society and responses to drug use'. We have received 10 proposals.

Simone Korff de Gidts, coordinator of ERANID, was invited to present the outcome of the first joint call and the developments in the nearby future in a meeting of the Horizontal Drugs Group (HDG) in Brussels September 22 2016.

The second ERANID call for proposals, "Society and responses to drug use", is now open for submission. The deadline for submission is October 18th, 2016 - 12:00 (CET).

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Tracking young people’s life pathways

In an interview with Reinout Wiers (University of Amsterdam), he talks about taking a close look at the use of addictive substances by youngsters, on the basis of hair samples combined with psychological and anthropological analysis.

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