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The second call is planned to be launched in May 2016, priorities for this call are currently being identified in each of the participating countries. The ERANID partners and other interested funders have been asked to announce their priorities on March 10th at the latest.

30 Proposals in total have been submitted for the First call on ‘Understanding drug use pathways’, 29 have made it through the eligibility check. These 29 proposals are currently being assessed by a minimum of 3 independent experts, who need to sign a declaration which states that there is no conflict of interest.

15 September 2015 the first Joint Call on “Understanding drug use pathways” was launched. After the submission deadline on November 24, 30 proposals have been received by the Joint Call Secretariat.

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Second Joint call


‘We need common indicators’

In an interview with Alex Stevens, Professor in Criminal Justice at the University of Kent, he talks about why international cooperation on research into illicit drugs is vital.

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