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The ERANID Strategic Research Agenda is ready to go

April 3, 2015

The Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) provides a framework for multinational collaboration in the field of illicit drugs research focusing on socio-economic and humanities research and both supply and demand. With the publication of the SRA the next phase of the ERANID project starts: the launching of common calls in 2015, based on shared research priorities.

The research priorities are organised into four research areas that broadly reflect existing methods of classifying research. Within these research areas, priorities are structured around four common themes that run across each of research areas providing a more coherent approach to research needs and encouraging synergies between the different research areas.

The next steps of the SRA

  • Launching of common calls
    The Strategic Research Agenda provides the foundation for the next stage of the ERANID project, the launching of common calls. The criteria for narrowing down the topics will be developed in early 2015 and it is hoped that funders are able to collaborate on topics of interest and commission research projects that address gaps and needs identified within the SRA. The project members will also use the opportunities presented by the Horizon 2020 programme to suggest relevant topics from the SRA to form part of the programme’s funding agenda.
  • Encouraging research
    In addition to encouraging research in the topics and areas identified within the SRA, ERANID aims to promote sustainable improvements in illicit drugs research. Recommendations and future plans will be presented at the end of the project but a number of conclusions and future actions related to the SRA and the work to date are included within the SRA.
  • Improving dissemination
    The need to ensure better dissemination of research findings, both in terms of wider dissemination and in making research findings more relevant and targeted for the needs of different stakeholders, is highlighted within the SRA.

Download the SRA and technical report.