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SICAD (Portugal)

General-Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies

The mission of SICAD is to promote the reduction of licit and illicit psychoactive substances use, the prevention of addictive behaviours and the decreasing of addictions. To fulfil this mission, among other attributions, SICAD:

  • supports the Ministry of Health on the definition of the related national strategy and policies;
  • develops, promotes and fosters research in all of these areas;
  • keeps updated information systems in order to answer to the information needs of the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) and other national and international agencies;
  • ensures the cooperation with national and international bodies in the fields of drugs, alcohol and drug addiction.

Contact person for ERANID:

National webpages regarding drug-related research on the EMCDDA: