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1st call

The first transnational call for proposals of ERANID 'Understanding drug use pathways' was opened on September 15th 2015 and an informal launch took place alongside the Lisbon Addiction Conference on September 22nd 2015. The deadline for submissions was November 24th 2015. The available budget was M€ 5,- of which M€ 3.5 has been allocated.

30 proposals

ERANID received 30 proposals. Following the national eligibility check, 29 proposals were taken forward to the review process.

3 projects to be funded

A Peer Review Panel was held on March 29th 2016 to make recommendations on those applications suitable for funding. The funders gathered on March 30th 2016 to make a final decision on which proposals to fund. Three projects were successful. More information on the three projects can be found under 'Projects to be funded'.

Participating countries

The participating countries in the first call for proposals are:

  • Belgium, partner
  • France, partner
  • Germany, associated partner
  • Italy, partner
  • The Netherlands, partner
  • Poland, associated partner
  • Portugal, partner
  • Sweden, associated partner
  • The United Kingdom, partner

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