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  • Presentations Lisbon Addictions 2019


    Wednesday, 23 October 2019 ZonMw organised a structured session for ERANID at Lisbon Addictions 2019. 6 of the 7 principal investigators presented their results so far. Download the PowerPoint Presentations of all presentations as well as the hand out.

  • Third European Conference on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies


    The Lisbon Addictions 2019 (23-25 October 2019) is a multidisciplinary conference that provides a forum for networking across the addictions. With over 1500 participants this is a great opportunity to share the results of the research projects of Eranid and discuss the implications for research and policy with the audience.

  • Meetup with Dutch ERANID projects - September 13th


    On September 13th, 5 Dutch ERANID partners came together to exchange knowledge and experiences on illicit drug research, to share preliminary results and to discuss how to increase societal impact of research findings.

  • European drug survey to investigate recovery


    A new European survey aimed at understanding how drug addicts have achieved successful recovery has been launched. The Life in Recovery survey is part of the REC-Path project, which is investigating different types of recovery from drug addiction across four countries in Europe (England, Scotland, Belgium and the Netherlands) in order to give policymakers a strong evidence base for making future policy and legislation related to drug addiction and recovery. The REC-Path survey was launched at a special event at Sheffield Hallam University, attended by policy advisers, commissioners, recovery specialists, researchers and people in recovery from across Europe.

  • Providing hope for addicts and their relatives


    Project leader David Best of Sheffield Hallam University hopes that investigating different kinds of recovery pathways in four countries will show that addicts can have a healthy future. ‘More than half of addicts manage to kick drugs permanently. We will investigate how they do it and how we can best support them.’

  • The impact of drug policy on society


    Every country in Europe has its own drug policy. The ERANID project ‘Illicit Drug Policies and Social Outcome’ (IDPSO) will study the societal impact of policy. Not in order to compare countries, but to show policymakers the potential impact of the choices they make.

  • Research from perspective of addicts


    The ERANID-funded project D.U.R.E.S.S. focuses on the experience of people suffering from addiction during recovery and reintegration. Or, in the words of Giuseppe Carrà of Italy, ‘It’s about their personal subjective perspective’.

  • Drugs don’t know borders


    By the end of 2016, Henk Garretsen, chairman of ERANID was interviewed by Science Impact. Science Impact is a magazine that informs the general public in an accessible way about the developments in the different areas of science.

  • ALAMA nightlife: the start of summer boosts nightlife and is the beginning of the festival season


    In the UK and the Netherlands the survey as part of the ALAMA nightlife study has started. The other countries will follow soon.

  • Renewed social community


    The social community of ERANID has been renewed. Access and use are simplified. Please invite colleagues to join this community. The bigger this network, the greater the revenue!

  • High sensitivity as a vulnerability factor


    In an interview with Dr. Judith Homberg (Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands), she talks about the different approach needed to treat individuals who are highly sensitive to environmental stimuli.

  • Update on second call: 4 projects funded


    In the latest update on the results of the second transnational call we wrote that 3 proposals were to be funded. But 3 became 4!

  • Information stand on 60th session of the commission on Narcotic Drugs


    The Italian colleagues in ERANID, with some support in the first two days of the coordinator, are present at the meeting of the commission on narcotic drugs of the UN.

  • Wrap up meeting ERANID, March 2nd in Brussels


    There were two topics in this meeting which was held in the magnificent Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels: the presentation of three of the four funded projects in the second joint call and a presentation on the possible future plans of ERANID.

  • 60th session of the commission on Narcotic Drugs, March 13th-17th in Vienna


    Do you want to know more about the funded projects, the Strategic Research Agenda and the future plans of ERANID? Meet us at the 60th session of the commission on Narcotic Drugs. Visit our stand: we are there all 5 days to answer your questions and give information.

  • ERANID Wrap up meeting in Brussels


    Do you want to know more about the results of ERANID? Are you interested in the possible future plans? Come to the wrap up meeting in Brussels on March 2nd, 2017.

  • Update on second call: 3 projects are selected for funding


    As a result of the second transnational ERANID call for proposals 'Society and Responses to drug use' 3 projects are selected for funding.

  • 2nd ERANID call closed: 10 proposals submitted


    Tuesday October 18th at 14.00 hours CET was the deadline for the submission of proposals in the second joint call of ERANID 'Society and responses to drug use'. We have received 10 proposals.

  • Presentation in meeting Horizontal Drugs Group (HDG)


    Simone Korff de Gidts, coordinator of ERANID, was invited to present the outcome of the first joint call and the developments in the nearby future in a meeting of the Horizontal Drugs Group (HDG) in Brussels September 22 2016.

  • Announcement: the 2nd call for proposals of ERANID is online!


    The second ERANID call for proposals, "Society and responses to drug use", is now open for submission. The deadline for submission is October 18th, 2016 - 12:00 (CET).