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Announcement: The 1st Joint Call for Proposals of ERANID - the ERA-Net on Illicit Drugs - is online!

September 15, 2015

A first Joint call was launched on 15 September 2015 and aims at funding multidisciplinary transnational research in “Understanding drug use pathways”.

The content of this call reflects the findings of a large programme of work to identify common research priorities for illicit drugs in Europe that resulted in a Strategic Research Agenda. The call encourages research that will provide a better understanding of the processes underlying the dynamics of drug use pathways and transitions between types of drug use. This call emphasises, in particular, the link between the knowledge generated and its sustainable translation for a wide range of stakeholders. All sectors of the drugs field (policy-makers, law enforcement agencies, users and their families, health intervention organisations...) can benefit from insights on the dynamics at play in pathways.

ERANID, the European Research Area Network on Illicit Drugs, is an ERA-NET scheme which consists of 9 organisations in 6 different EU Member States (BE, FR, IT, NL, PT & UK). The network aims to improve cooperation in drug research in order to allow well-founded policy decisions.

This joint call will see more than 4 million Euros in total being made available by the funding organisations involved in the call. The funding is based on the virtual common pot system in which countries fund their national researchers in networks of (minimum two, preferably three or more) applicants from participating countries. Applications will then be rigorously selected for their scientific excellence and impact to society. The potential participating countries will be Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands.

Joint research proposals may be submitted by applicants belonging to one of the following categories, according to the national funding organisation’s regulations for research funding: Public and private scientific, research, technological and innovation institutions; Universities; Research active industry; NGOs; other institutions involved in research activities as long as they are eligible for funding.

How to apply:
Applicants should read the call text and the Strategic Research Agenda. Proposals shall be submitted via an electronic submission system in which an application form will be uploaded. Guidelines will help applicants in all aspects of their proposal.