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Start-up phase of the second call: identifying priorities

February 15, 2016

The second call is planned to be launched in May 2016, priorities for this call are currently being identified in each of the participating countries. The ERANID partners and other interested funders have been asked to announce their priorities on March 10th at the latest.

These priorities shall be discussed in a funders meeting on March 31 and will lead to a decision about the content of the second call. In April we expect to publish its pre-announcement in which the outlines of the content will be described. It is foreseen that the second call opens in May 2016 with a submission deadline at the end of September, to take into account the different holiday periods in participating countries. In February 2017 the results of the review process for the second call shall be announced.

The ERANID consortium is currently trying to further expand the number of participating countries. Presentations will be given at relevant occasions and the project will specifically be brought to the attention of the member states represented in the Horizontal Drugs Group (HDG).

When you are interested in becoming a funder in the second call, please contact the Coordinator.