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Update on First Call

February 8, 2016

30 Proposals in total have been submitted for the First call on ‘Understanding drug use pathways’, 29 have made it through the eligibility check. These 29 proposals are currently being assessed by a minimum of 3 independent experts, who need to sign a declaration which states that there is no conflict of interest.

The deadline for submitting the review forms is February 29th, after which a ‘rapporteur’ writes a consensus paper in consultation with the reviewers. These consensus papers will be discussed in a Peer Review Panel meeting taking place on March 29th in Lisbon, Portugal. Based on these discussions a ranking shall be produced. According to this ranking the funders decide which projects shall be accepted. The results will be announced mid-April 2016. The applicants will be informed personally about the results. The start of the projects is envisaged for May / June 2016.