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Update on second call: 3 projects are selected for funding

February 3, 2017

As a result of the second transnational ERANID call for proposals 'Society and Responses to drug use' 3 projects are selected for funding.

ERANID received 10 proposals. Following the national eligibility check, 7 proposals were taken forward to the review process. A Peer Review Panel was held in December 2016 to make recommendations on those applications suitable for funding. The funders gathered on December 16, 2016 to make a final decision on which proposals to fund. Three projects were successful.

Projects selected for funding:

  1. Recovery pathways and societal responses in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium (acronym: REC-Path)
  2. Sensory Processing SensiTivity AND drug Use recovery Pathways (acronym: STANDUP)
  3. Illicit drug policies and social outcomes: a cross-country analysis (acronym: IDPSO)

Participating countries

The available budget for the second call was M€ 3,-. The participating countries are:

  • Belgium, partner
  • France, partner
  • Italy, partner
  • The Netherlands, partner
  • Portugal, partner
  • The United Kingdom, partner