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Participate in setting the Strategic Research Agenda

Please read before filling in the questionnaire!
Stakeholders and organisations with an interest in the illicit drug field who want to report their priorities for research, but haven't been approached by us, can fill in the questionnaire online. Before clicking the link at the bottom of this page, we ask you to read the information below carefully. We appreciate your contribution!

Strategic Research Agenda
The development of shared priorities for research on illicit drugs, both on demand and supply issues, and the funding of joint research projects in this field are the main objectives of ERANID. After having produced an overview of recent policy frameworks, funding programmes and projects on illicit drug research and of ongoing and planned projects and programmes, it's now time to prepare a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). From the SRA research priorities will be selected for common calls, that will be supported by the ERANID Countries' joint research budgets.

What topics are relevant?
This survey is addressed to a large spectrum of stakeholders with an interest in the illicit drugs field (professionals, civil society, administrations, scientists, decision-makers) and collects ideas about what these stakeholders think are relevant questions to be addressed by research, in order to improve problem solving in the different areas of the illicit drug field. In this survey research priorities coming from all dimensions of illicit drugs phenomena could be addressed:
- Health issues (prevention/dissuasion, treatment, harm reduction, social rehabilitation)
- Legal and law enforcement issues (crime, seizures, prisons, etc.)
- Economic aspects (production, distribution chains, gross and street markets, etc.)
- Evaluations (Social, Health or Economic Impact evaluation, etc.)
- Policy, governance, etc.

What happens with the results?
The results of this survey will provide a variety of different perspectives about the research needs identified by stakeholders in each country. The perspectives will be presented and discussed in each ERANID country through National Consultations with selected stakeholders. National consultations will take place in January/February, 2014.
Putting together the list of research priorities and the findings on recently conducted and ongoing research in the EU, a shared ERANID Strategic Research Agenda will be developed, presented and discussed during the INTERNATIONAL ERANID CONFERENCE to be held on May 20th, 2014, in Lisbon.

Start the questionnaire
If you decide to participate, you will be asked to answer some identification questions and to give your suggestions about research needs inside and outside your main area of work or interest. We will ask you to summarise topics, gaps and/or questions that research should address in order to contribute to improve interventions in some of the illicit drugs fields. If you want, you can also assign priorities to the needs you will identify and suggest the disciplines that could be mobilized to find the answers.

Start the questionnaire!

The online data collection will end on December 15th, 2013.