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IDPSO is one of the four funded projects in the second transnational call of ERANID 'Society and Responses to drug use'.


Illicit drug policies and social outcomes: a cross-country analysis

This study aims to measure the impact that different drug-related legal frameworks have on society. Different countries have different views on what should be illicit concerning drugs and, therefore, enact their own drug laws and policy. Drug production, distribution and use in each country depends on societal characteristics (demographic, cultural, economic), but also, to some extent, on that country’s drug policy. Our proposal is to study the relationship between countries’ drug laws and policies and key social indicators, by implementing, first, a state-of-theart comparative law technique that allows cross-country comparisons of drug laws and, second, complementing it with stakeholders’ perceptions of each country’s drug law, with a particular focus on cannabis. In establishing a relationship between laws and key social indicators, we aim to contribute significantly to the ongoing discussion of drug laws and policies.


The three funded projects in the second ERANID call for proposals were presented during the wrap-up meeting on March 2nd, 2017 in Brussels.

Researchers and research institutions

PIRicardo GoncalvesCatolica Porto Business School, Carholic University of PortugalPortugal
Co-PI 1Pierre Kopp Paris School of Economics, Sorbonne UniversityFrance
Co-PI 2Carla RossiConsortium for the development of methodologies and innovations in public healthItaly
Co-PI 3Dirk KorfFaculty of Law, University of AmsterdamThe Netherlands

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