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STANDUP is one of the four funded projects in the second transnational call of ERANID 'Society and Responses to drug use'.


Sensory Processing SensiTivity AND drug Use recovery Pathways

Nowadays we are more and more exposed to external environmental stimuli and increased performance demands. This particularly affects those individuals who are more sensitive to such stimuli than average, like people high on the trait “sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). While these people generally have a benefit by being flexible and creative, they are also more susceptible to overstimulation. Drug use can serve as a dysfunctional way to deal with overstimulation. Our proposal will employ existing longitudinal human cohort studies and an environmentally-controlled animal study to delineate for the first time which social environmental factors increase drug use and which ones contribute to the recovery from drug use, in high SPS subjects. The identification of associated biomarkers will provide a mechanistic account for the ‘causing’ and ‘curing’ potential of social environmental factors in high SPS individuals.


The three funded projects in the second ERANID call for proposals were presented during the wrap-up meeting on March 2nd, 2017 in Brussels.

Researchers and research institutions

PIJudith HombergRadboud University NijmegenThe Netherlands
Co-PI 1Fabio FumagalliDepartment of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, University of MilanItaly
Co-PI 2Maria MelchiorDepartment of Social Epidemiology, INSERMFrance
Co-PI 3Boris B QuednowPsychiatric Hospital of the University of ZurichSwitzerland (own funding)

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