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Strategic Research Agenda

The content of the Strategic Research Agenda reflects the findings of a broad programme of work undertaken within the ERANID project, comprising of a series of consultative activities with stakeholders and a study mapping the current situation of illicit drugs research in the ERANID countries. It represents the most comprehensive exercise undertaken to date, considering both the views of a wide range of stakeholders in the ERANID countries and a detailed assessment of the state of play in relation to research policy, funding and gaps.

Launching of common calls

The Strategic Research Agenda provides the foundation for the next stage of the ERANID project, the launching of common calls. The criteria for narrowing down the topics will be developed in early 2015 and it is hoped that funders are able to collaborate on topics of interest and commission research projects that address gaps and needs identified within the SRA. The project members will also use the opportunities presented by the Horizon 2020 programme to suggest relevant topics from the SRA to form part of the programme’s funding agenda.

A Strategic Research Agenda for Europe in the field of illicit drugs

Developing the ERANID Strategic Research Agenda