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Social Community

The ERANID Social Community

The ERANID Social Community is a platform created to give the opportunity to researchers and stakeholders to make networks, to receive information about research on drugs, the ERANID call and other calls.

The main aim of the Social Community is networking.
Since only transnational projects will be funded, the Social Community could be very useful. Each proposal must involve a minimum of two, preferably three or more eligible applicants from at least two different countries participating in the call. The ERANID Social Community is developed in order to support European researchers in creating these necessary connections.

Researchers or stakeholders can create a detailed profile. With this profile you can easily be found and contacted by researchers or stakeholders for information and collaboration, or find and contact potential partners yourself. You can send private messages to other users or send messages to an entire selected range of recipients.

Other functions of the Social Community are:
•    Find information about research on drugs, the ERANID call and other calls
•    Write posts about your experiences and researches
•    Read posts published by other users
•    Participate actively in discussions
•    Create a connection to LinkedIn for a wider dissemination

To join the ERANID Social Community, please visit www.eranidfollowup.eu and create your own account!

If you need help getting started at the Social Community, please find some instructions here.